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Changes are afoot at Kelly Place!

We are two women of spirit who bought Kelly Place in January of 2021. Foregoing a pilgrimage last September on the Camino de Santiago in Spain due to Covid, we decided to meander instead the American Southwest. Hailing from Montana where we lived along the Gallatin River near Bozeman, our return homeward took us to what we thought would be a simple one night stay at Kelly Place. We had heard about the ancient Puebloan sites and the horticutural legacy but nothing prepared us for the jewel that we found. As we wound through McElmo Canyon at dusk we were astounded by the lush beauty that unveiled herself past vineyards and orchards nested among the red rocks, both picturesque and infinitely wild. One night of camping turned to several and unwittingly we found ourselves called to take a leap of faith. Sitting in the unrestored kiva, we dedicated ourselves to this place, decided to buy it! went directly home, sold everything we had and more and turned our lives over to this journey. 


Filled with presence of the ancients and existing outside of Time, we are called to live in integrity here with all that surrounds. We are called to this place as both our sacred and ordinary home, living as we might wish to live, inviting others to come be with us intimately in our home space which encompasses 38 acres of exceptional land, three unique canyons, bordering Canyons of The Ancients National Monument.


As Terry Tempest Williams writes:

“This is what we can promise the future: a legacy of care. That we will be good stewards and not take too much or give back too little, that we will recognize wild nature for what it is, in all its magnificent and complex history - an unfathomable wealth that should be consciously saved, not ruthlessly spent. Privilege is what we inherit by our status as Homo sapiens living on this planet. This is the privilege of imagination. What we choose to do with our privilege as a species is up to each of us."


Our hope is to create an oasis for reflection about our place in a radically shifting world, a place of sanctuary to resource our being with natural and cosmic codes, while preserving our water, our land and the Puebloan story of everyday life that persists here, and to enjoy the horticultural legacy of George and Sue Kelly who sought to "retire" in the stunning McElmo Canyon, only to vigorously cultivate award winning roses, return native Colorado plants of the region to relevancy, and reintroduce the apple industry that thrives to this day.

We are challenged, enchanted and looking forward to welcoming guests both old and new.

Allison and Cindy

What's New & Different


We are currently open for booking through Airbnb with availability beginning March 1st.


THE LODGE: We are currently renovating The Lodge, the original stucco hacienda designed by Jared Morse for George and Sue Kelly as their retirement home. We are rebuilding the kitchen in the lodge, creating a small, functional commercial open space kitchen, and building a simple but elegant bar which will feature select local beer, wine and cider. We are also updating the ground floor public lodge area, adding a full library room with internet station. THE LODGE  will have 4 rooms with double occupancy with one family lodge room for four. The lodge has a beautiful public patio, open to all visitors. *WIFI available here. Again, Lodge availability TBA.

Speaking of INTERNET: We have good satellite with data speeds from 50Mb/s-150Mb/s and very low latency. Internet in the canyon remains sparse but there will be service in and around The Lodge. We have found that enabling WIFI calling allows you to send and receive calls and text messages.  Please check with you carrier before hand to enable. While we have limited circumference for WIFI, we hope folks will enjoy the tech reprieve. We don't have a TV but we think the best movie is what's happening outside. 

BREAKFAST: We are changing how we serve breakfast here at Kelly Place. We no longer include breakfast in the room price. We are not currently serving breakfast until we have our main kitchen fully renovated TBA. Going forward we will offer a cafe style breakfast in the Lodge as our kitchen develops to include a variety of options with as much local fare as we can, at reasonable pricing. This choice at this time also helps us with considerations regarding Covid safety. We are building a cob pizza oven and will be offering other interesting amuse bouche in the evenings during check in time. We both love to cook! For now, our 3 rental units have various levels of kitchen so you can be self sufficient.

RV's: Unfortunately RV's are hard on the bridge, land and septic systems so we have retired our previous RV spots. We are no longer hosting RV but are happy to refer you to some other good situations nearby.


CAMPING: we will be opening simple camping after we manage some septic issues in the camping zone. Stay tuned.

What's Available


We have chosen to use Airbnb as our main platform for bookings. Airbnb is a review driven community of accountability for both host and guests. Airbnb does a lot for us both as hosts and as guests which means less time in the office for us ( so we can scramble around the cliffs) and keeps our nightly pricing lower. (We do have a two night minimum and encourage you to stay awhile...)


-----**Send us an email if you are not a member and want to consider booking. ----

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We have done some partial renovations on our duplex casitas located near the cliffside with great views. The casitas are two separate units side by side with a shared porch, (bedrooms are on either far end) featuring new queen sized beds, full bathrooms with showers and small kitchenette.


These double occupancy rooms are quiet, cool genuine adobe brick with a shared porch for lounging, simple artwork and great linens. We offer basic coffee and tea set-up while affording you a place to cook small feasts. Charcoal grills on-site. * We just installed new air conditioning and heat systems, and they are great!


A 2 bedroom suite with full kitchen, occupies one side of an older, well established modular home. Great views of Sleeping Ute Mountain. New, comfy beds, good linens and excellent amenities.  The Ute Suite has a fully equipped kitchen and standard fridge.   Private with covered deck.  Great base camp! Check out the lower left of the photo to see the scale of your suite and all that surrounds...


Let talk about Covid 19

We are serious about the National and Global challenge this pandemic presents. As we continue to cope with variants, we We are both fully vaccinated. We are not political about the pandemic: we are in hospitality and are responsible to take steps to keep ourselves and our guests safe. We have a one day block between reservations for cleaning. We have chosen to open cabins on the land that are satellite and self-sufficient. with self check-in. The best possible scenario is for all of our guests to be vaccinated. 


We are a safe, roomy, outdoor place to enjoy nature, family and self. We have limited availability, and a soft footprint. Likely there will no more than 10-12 people across the land here. We will ask for your cooperation in terms of hand washing, and mask wearing in some public spaces ( our office should you need to ask a question or pay). 

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