Primitive Pottery Workshop at Kelly Place

Kelly Place, Pottery

Prehistoric humans learned to turn mud and water into beautiful ceramic vessels. You can have this same experience at Kelly Place, guided by a reknowned artist in primitive pottery.

Learn about the different types of pottery created at different cultural periods by the Ancestral Puebloans who inhabited the southwest centuries ago as you create your own "primitive" vessel. Make your own paintbrush, just as the Puebloans did. Finally, the firing of the dried pieces can also be done in the primitive way, in an outdoor firepit.

In a one day course, you can accomplish everything except the firing. You may leave with your own unfired piece or choose to have it fired in an outdoor pit (fire restrictions may apply).

The cost of a full day lesson in primitive ceramics for up to four individuals is $325, materials included. For each additional person, add $60. Firing your pieces in an outdoor pit is an additional $250 for the group and requires at least another day to complete the process. All pottery workshops must be arranged in advance. Arrangements depend on the availability of the artist/teacher.

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