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All of our offerings are selected as locally and sustainably as possible with a feeling for regional terrioire, and provisions that nod to the foodways of the ancestors of our place. Read more about our food values here.


6:30-8:30   complimentary coffee and tea

7:00-8:30   Biome Breakfast  ($13.50)

11:00-4:00 complimentary refreshments

4:00-6:00    La Hora ( or wine down)

We are in cahoots with our great friends and neighbors at Pueblo Seed Company and offer our guests a "Biome Breakfast." Enjoy a bowl of hearty heritage grains from their small batch artisan production warehouse in Cortez. All of their grains are cultivated organically right here in the McElmo Canyon! May it be blue corn pancakes, Mountain Muesli, or Blue Corn Rye hot cereal. We have curated a selection of add ons for either a sweet or savory bowl of energizing and satisfying morning meal.



Blue Corn Hot Cereal


Hot blend of blue corn and cracked rye with a touch of organic thyme and Utah salt. Pair with local apples and blue agave or bacon bits, a hard boiled egg and cohita cheese. 

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