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Some great photo’s around Kelly Place

Ok, another photo….

In the spirit of sharing our visual world…. if you have been here in the dry season, you probably never actually got to see how it looks to have water doing it’s seasonal job in our canyons.  Here is a quick shot I took one day in 2010….

Rain carving red rock.

Rain carving it’s way down the canyon….

Photography at Kelly Place?

Hi all,

I (Marc) have been taking thousands of great photos of the large scale landscape as well as the small minute world near the grounds here at Kelly Place and I plan to select some of the phot’s and get them on here for all to see.  Do any of our past guests have a great shot and comment to share with us? Here’s my first pic. taken around fall 2009.

Cottonwood leaves

Cottonwood fall leaves
in the sun….